Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Custom Macro Functions

SAP provides a number of standard Info Objects Functions that can be used within advanced advanced macros. There are situation whereby the standard functions within marco tool kit are not suitable. To overcome this problem it is possible to create a custom function:

A macro custom function is basically a function module that is created with transaction SE37.

What can you do with custom function ?
Basically anything, it is just ABAP coding, example:
Ø Doing checks across network and create orders without running heuristic
Ø Creating own safety stock logic
Ø Updating data to different custom key figures and different product / Location logic
Ø Triggering an event that in turn is associated to a process chain steps

What are the limitations?
None, other than performance. Careful testing is needed to verify performance impact.

What about error management?
In Interactive planning, if there is an error the custom can return a variable that is displayed in a pop-up. When running macro job in a process chain, it is recommend to create a log for any errors generated by user. This log can then be sent via workflow. Alternative alerts can be generated to identify technical problems or real alers that custom function generates. This log can then be sent via workflow.

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Anonymous said...

interesting about creating custom function, Are there limitaions with respect to time series and order based key figures ?